Machine Learning

EGU24 - Modeling suspended sediment concentration using artificial neural networks, an effort towards global sediment flux observations in rivers from space

Session: Hydroinformatics: data analytics, machine learning, hybrid modelling, optimisation.

Invited talk at WorCAP 2023 - Machine Learning on the Environmental Sciences

I will present an overview of my research experiences with Machine Learning (ML) in the areas of Hydrology, Natural Disasters, and Geosciences. We will talk about the main problems that are encountered when modeling environmental systems with ML and …

EGU22 - Landslide Susceptibility Modeling of an Escarpment in Southern Brazil using Artificial Neural Networks as a Baseline for Modeling Triggering Rainfall

Abstract presented in-person in EGU 2022. Session: Artificial Intelligence for Natural Hazard and Disaster Management.

SBRH 2021 - Identificação de áreas suscetíveis a deslizamentos de terra no limite dos munícipios de Presidente Getúlio, Rio do Sul e Ibirama (SC), por meio de um ensemble de Redes Neurais Artificiais

Oral presentation on the Brazilian Symposium of Water Resources. Session: Extremos hidrológicos, desastres naturais e antrópicos. Language: Brazilian Portuguese