Batch processing – automatizing the use of GDAL and SAGA GIS tools using Bash Shell scripts

One of the simplest yet most tricky ways of doing batch processing is by using Bash scripts. Bash is a type of Shell Script, which means it runs directly on a user interface that accesses the services of an operating system.

Solved: SAGA GIS 7.9.0 and 2.3.2 (in QGIS) input error “Error: Catchment Area” on the execution of LS Factor “saga_cmd ta_hydrology 22” and other algorithms

Last week, we talked a little about using SAGA on Command Line. Today, I am discussing solutions to the problem “Error: Catchment Area” on SAGA GIS. Or “Error: your input raster”, or “Input layers do not have the same grid extent”.

How to use SAGA GIS Command Line saga_cmd, and why?

SAGA also has its own Graphical User Interface (GUI). And it also has its own Command Line version. One may ask, why would someone deliberately choose to use a Command Line version in detriment of a GUI? Well, a GUI uses its own share of memory, CPU, sometimes GPU, to run.