QGIS 3.18

How and when to use QGIS 3 tools “Warp (reproject)”, “Clip raster by extent” and “Clip raster by mask layer”

Today, I am discussing different ways of cutting (clipping) a raster in QGIS and what they do. Especially, I am comparing QGIS GDAL tools “Clip raster by mask layer”, “Clip raster by extent” and “Warp (reproject)” in what are they used for, and what exactly do they do to the original raster data.

A simple tutorial for generating a South Pole Azimuthal map on QGIS

Azimuthal maps are certainly more common in the northern hemisphere, but they can be done for the southern hemisphere as well. They can be useful for localizing places in Antarctica, South America, Africa, and Oceania. These maps can be included in scientific publications or presentations. Last week I presented my research in the EGU General Assembly 2021 and part of the location map was prepared in South Pole azimuthal projection. These steps are the basics of how to make an azimuthal map for South Pole.

A quick guide to generate continuous raster legends in QGIS 3.18 Zürich – and in QGIS 3.16.4 Hannover

A functionality to show continuous color ramps automatically was implemented in QGIS 3.18 “Zürich”. The QGIS 3.18.0 standalone installer was just released Windows users, in March 22th.